Conjunctive Labeling Resources

The MWI Board is exploring the idea of a conjunctive labeling program to improve consumer identification and understanding of the region’s wines. 

Given the strong evidence that Conjunctive Labeling programs benefit the regions that enact them, a draft proposal for Mendocino County was crafted by MWI. The language, largely based on the successful Monterey program, was designed for simplicity and minimal impact on wineries.

After a series of regional meetings this year, the draft proposal was revised on 06/20/19 and is as follows

WHAT: Any wine labeled with an AVA that is located entirely within Mendocino County or a vineyard designation within Mendocino County, must also include "Mendocino County” on the label.

PLACEMENT: “Mendocino"  (if the AVA falls within the Mendocino AVA boundary) or "Mendocino County” would be placed on the front OR back label.
TYPE SIZE: For containers 188 ml. or larger, type size would be 2 mm. or larger. For containers of 187 ml. or less, type size would not be smaller than 1 mm.
OTHER LABELING: Other AVAs, vineyard designations and/or appellations could also appear on the label (as long as the wine is qualified under TTB regulations).
EFFECTIVE DATE: To be determined...

A simple infographic 

(PDF Print Version of Infographic)