Directors and Staff

Mendocino WineGrowers Inc (MWI)  is an alliance of grape growers and vintners working together to promote the grapes and wines from Mendocino County.  The group was formed in 2012  to promote the quality and image of Mendocino County grapes and wine with three target audiences: 1) decision makers who buy grapes, 2) press and trade groups who write about, sell, or recommend wine, and 3) consumers who buy wine.


MWI is run by the the Executive Director, Aubrey Rawlins, and a volunteer Board of Directors. 

Tyler Rodrigue - Grower Member & President 
Haiku Vineyards
Term: 2014-2015

George Lee - Grower Member & Vice President
Old Chatham ranch
Term: 2014-2015

Zac Robinson- Vintner Member & Treasurer
Husch Vineyards
Term: 2013-2014

Ann Krohn - Vintner Member & Secretary
Frey Vineyards
Term: 2014-2015

Linda Baker - Vintner Member 
Handley Cellars
Term: 2013-2014

Peter Chevalier - Grower Member 
JCP Farming
Term: 2013-2014

Dave Downey - Grower Member 
Downey Vineyard Management
Term: 2013-2014

Rusty Martinson - Vintner Member 
Testa Vineyard
Term: 2013-2014

Aaron Niderost - Vintner Member 
Vintage Wine Estates
Term: 2013-2014

Tim Norgard - Grower Member 
Norgard Farms
Term: 2012-2013

Tom Rodrigues – Vintner Member
Maple Creek Wines & Artevino
Term: 2014-2015

Chase Thornhill – Vintner Member
Mendocino Wine Co.
Term: 2014-2015

Scott Willoughby – Grower Member
Seebass Family Wines
Term: 2014-2015