Mendocino Economic Summit

Mendocino Winegrowers Summit

"What You Need to Know to Drive Success in 2017 and Beyond"


MWI brought together some of the sharpest perspectives on grape and wine markets together to share their thoughts on our region and ways our farmers can become even more competitive in the ever-changing world of premium grapes and wine.  Thank you to our sponsors and industry partners who exhibited.

Keynote Speaker – Christian Miller / Full Glass Research

2017 Market trends and how Mendocino fits into the big picture


Bulk Wine & Grape Market - Mike Needham & Marc Cuneo /Turrentine

The state of the grape and bulk wine market & Mendocino County


Custom Crush Realities – Bill Pauli / Yokayo Wine Company

The realities of crushing your grapes and selling bulk wine -true cost benefit


Labor – Jennifer Phillips & Greg Walsh / Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty

Immigration, overtime, minimum wage and other regulatory issues


Mechanization in the Vineyard – Dr. Kaan Kurtural / UC Davis Extension Viticulturist

How mechanization can reduce labor and increase efficiencies / Technology and resource management in the Vineyard


Land and Real Estate Values /Tony Ford & Tom Larson – Norcal Vineyards

Land values, Lease & Mortgage Update, Acquisitions trends


Cannabis – Erin Carlstrom / Rogoway Law Group

Current Mendocino County cannabis regulations and possible impacts to the Mendocino Wine Industry