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Welcome to our community of growers.  We have over 300 grape growers in Mendocino County.  This directory has been designed for ease of use in helping you to search by designated vineyard data for growers.  On these pages you will also find grape and bulk wine listings.  Please feel free to reach out to the growers directly if you'd like more information about their grapes or farming practices.

Grapes For Sale

Vineyard Vintage Varietal Quantity Price Posted
Alder Springs Vineyard 2016 Viognier 6 tons 09/20/2016 Details
Jane's Vineyard Sangiovese 2 tons 1700. 09/19/2016 Details
Testa Vineyards 2016 Zinfandel 15 tons 2000 09/12/2016 Details

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