Masut Vineyard and Winery

Located on a hilltop, with breathtaking views of mountains and rolling vineyards, the Masút winery resides in one of the barns Bobby Fetzer constructed from old, recycled redwood. His sons, Winemakers Ben and Jake, converted the rustic barn to a winery equipped for small batch production of estate Pinot Noir. Jake says, “I know if our dad were here today, he’d probably burst through the door with a big grin, looking around with excitement and tracking in mud on his dirty boots. It feels like he’s a part of this winery.”

The undulating vineyard is located along a gap in the coastal mountains. Cool, moist air flows from the Pacific Ocean during summer nights, lowering the temperature of the vines. Because elevation, terrain, soil and climate are unique to this area, Ben, Jake and local grape growers have petitioned the TTB to create a new AVA: Eagle Peak (named after the most prominent peak in this mountainous region).

The vineyard lends itself to small block farming and the production of highest quality fruit. Each of the blocks has particular needs during the growing season, and each ripens at a different time. “We do everything by hand: pruning, thinning, canopy management and harvesting,” says Vineyard Manager Jake Fetzer. Farming practices are organic.

Owner Ben Fetzer, Jake Fetzer (third generation)
Winemaker Jake Fetzer, Ben Fetzer
Contact Jake Fetzer
Address 301 Reeves Canyon Rd.
Redwood Valley, CA .
Hours of Operation By Appointment
Phone 707-485-5466
Fax 707-485-9664
Is Organic Yes
Is Sustainable Yes
Vineyard Acreage 23
Latitude 39.27192
Longitude -123.2543
Production 700 cases/year
Tours Yes
Picnic Area No
Custom Crush No
Winery Certifications Organic
Varietal(s) Pinot Noir
Wine Style(s) Still
Estate Grown Yes
Estate Bottled Yes